Croisière d'observation des dauphins au départ d'Adélaïde avec nage avec les dauphins en option
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Croisière d'observation des dauphins au départ d'Adélaïde avec nage avec les dauphins en option

Croisière d'observation des dauphins au départ d'Adélaïde avec nage avec les dauphins en option

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Rendez-vous par vos propres moyens à la station balnéaire de Glenelg sur les rives de Holdfast Bay, à 10 km du centre d'Adélaïde. Vous pouvez facilement vous y rendre en tramway (tram toutes les 15 minutes au départ d'Adélaïde) ; le trajet dure environ 20 minutes (à vos frais).

À votre arrivée, montez à bord du catamaran à Marina Pier, juste en face de l'Oyster Bar, et partez à la rencontre des dauphins jouant dans la baie. Les dauphins sauvages aiment nager autour du bateau. Vous serez donc assuré de les voir de près, que vous les observiez depuis le bateau ou que vous nagiez dans l'eau.

Si vous optez pour un surclassement afin de nager avec les dauphins, vous pouvez passer jusqu'à une heure dans l'eau avec différents groupes de dauphins ; de quoi admirer leur grâce sous l'eau et entendre les sifflements de ces animaux très joueurs. Holdfast Bay abritant des milliers de dauphins, vous avez 100 % de chance d'en apercevoir.

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  • Croisière touristique à la rencontre des dauphins
  • Nage avec les dauphins (si l'option a été sélectionnée)
  • Tout l'équipement nécessaire
  • Commentaire en direct à bord
Non inclus
  • Service de ramassage et dépôt à l'hôtel
  • Nourriture et boissons
Autres informations
  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation
  • L'âge minimum est de 8 ans pour nager avec les dauphins
85% Tourisme
80% Aquatique
50% Culturel
stephane k
2 | 2018-01-24

Actually, we've passed time chasing dolphins. Go into the water, get back on the boat. The guides know they're work and the wild for sure. But it was really hard to see dolphins.

2 | 2018-01-23

This was very disappointing. I had tried to find out more about how it worked twice on the phone.Only to get a very unhelpful woman on the phone who kept saying it would be explained on the day. So along I went - we were given stinger suits - as expected - then briefed on how the swimming with dolphins would work. Not so much swimming with Dolphins as jumping from a boat whilst holding a rope - and moving down to make room for others -into the water and being dragged along on the rope behind a boat in the hope of seeing dolphins under the water. Plus we had to get into the water quickly on command when Dolphins were spotted. Well quite a few people who'd booked for swimming with the dolphins backed out at that point. This included some families with children as well as some couples. Now despite my age 60 and mobility issues I walk with a stick due to arthritis I am normally okay in water. So I decided to give it a go. I lasted about 7 minutes - i was about the middle of the rope and kept being swept to the wrong side of it. I was s obusy working out how to do that I saw nothing! Same as many round me. So with my neighbours help I made it back to the side and a crew member helped me out. At this point i stayed on deck and enjoyed the sight of the Dolphins jumping around quite happily. Had I opted for just the Dolphin boat trip I'd have been happy enough. But personally I feel that describing the experience as swimming with Dolphins an simply inaccurate description of the experience. I have starred at 2 because I did see Dolphins and the crew wee actually very good and very helpful. But the description of this trip needs to be more accurate.

5 | 2017-10-20

Great trip but cold, try to go during warm weather. The crew is fantastic and works hard to find dolphins and tell you where to look.

Jenni A B
5 | 2017-05-06

Dolphin Cruise was awesome. We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful morning. The cruise operators were very thorough and provided ample information. We saw quite a few pods of dolphins and when we didn't see any, just the boat ride was very enjoyable. I am glad we didn't opt for the dolphin swim as I do believe you see more from the boat rather than in the water. The whole experience was exactly as advertised and I really did appreciate the reviews I had read on Trip Adviser before I booked.

Courtney W
4 | 2016-12-19

Great little cruise, hard to see the dolphins sometimes but great experience.

4 | 2016-02-09

Great experience. Optional Dolphin swim not recommended, because you are not allowed to touch the dolphins and have to cling on a rope hanging at the rear of the boat. No free swimming allowed

Jennifer M
5 | 2016-02-02

We just did the cruise without the swim. Turned out to be perfect weather and saw lots of dolphins. The crew members were great - good sense of humour and lots of knowledge about dolphins. Highly recommended.

maureen f
2 | 2015-10-20

Having done the dolphin cruise at Akaroa, New Zealand, this cruise was quite disappointing.