Croisière de nuit à Amsterdam avec pizza
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Croisière de nuit à Amsterdam avec pizza
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Croisière de nuit à Amsterdam avec pizza

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A propos de cette activités
Votre commande sera prise dès l'embarquement dans le bateau. Pendant la première partie de la croisière, votre guide vous présentera des informations intéressantes sur Amsterdam, les canaux, et les monuments célèbres. Vous observerez la ville illuminée la nuit pendant environ 30 minutes avant que votre pizza maison et fraîchement préparée vous soit servie. De boissons à volonté telles que bière, vin, boissons non alcoolisées et eau seront disponibles. Vous terminerez votre repas avec un brownie maison avant de retourner au dock.

Pizza Carne : sauce tomate maison, salami de bœuf, oignons, jambon, champignons et fromage râpé

Pizza Pesce : sauce tomate maison, thon, crevettes norvégiennes, poivron, courgette et fromage râpé

Pizza Végétarienne : sauce tomate maison, mozzarella de bufflonne, tomates, pesto au basilic et courgette

Pizza Margharita (menu enfant uniquement) : sauce tomate et fromage
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  • Croisière touristique
  • Pizza (choix entre pizza à la viande, au poisson ou végétarienne)
  • Boissons à volonté
  • Brownie
Non inclus
  • Service de ramassage et dépôt à l'hôtel
  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
Autres informations
  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation
  • Gratuit pour les enfants de 3 ans ou moins (dans la mesure où ils n'occupent pas de siège)
  • L'âge minimum pour consommer de l'alcool est de 18 ans ; une pièce d'identité pourra être demandée
  • Des boissons non alcoolisées sont disponibles
  • Les enfants doivent être accompagnés par un adulte.
  • Choix entre 3 pizzas : à la viande, au poisson ou végétarienne. Au moment de la réservation, veuillez indiquer dans la case « Besoins particuliers » quelle pizza vous souhaitez manger.
Vie nocturne
Jatha P
5 | 2019-09-23

We had toured the Amsterdam canals a few years ago but did just the sightseeing experience. This dinner and drinks cruise was more relaxed and we enjoyed the experience much more. The staff makes this experience fabulous - highly recommend.

Carla F
3 | 2019-07-03

While the boat ride was nice and the pizza was delicious,and the service was great, the tour was lacking. While there was a map on the table, the guide did not tell us what canals on which we were cruising. Very little commentary on the sights. However, the experience of being on the water and relaxing was very pleasant.

Kevin O
5 | 2018-12-24

This was the Lovers pizza cruise in the Amsterdam canals. According to the Viator site we could give our pizza order when we boarded and the cruise would collect the pizza on the way after 30 minutes. Well this was not the way it worked. Viator ordered 15 meat pizza's for us and they were already on board when we boarded. This was a major problem for those of our group that were vegetarians or only ate fish. Lovers could do nothing about it because they got the order from Viator for 15 Carne pizza's.The crew, the service, the food, the experience was all perfect. Well done Lovers. Such a pity Viator screwed it up for us :(

Liesl B
5 | 2018-10-26

This was a fantastic experience. Beer and tasty pizza while seeing the streets of Amsterdam from a canal boat. The entertaining guide added to the experience. I didn't expect much from the pizza but it was delicious and bigger than required. Unlimited beer and wine for the whole trip.

Leena D
4 | 2018-09-29

enjoyed very much!

Stuart S
2 | 2018-06-17

The night cruise part was fine, but the foodpizza and food service was awful. Do not choose the pizza, instead go with the burger option. The drink sevice was acceptable. Perhaps it was just that the staff did not seemed to be trained properly for quick service. Operating company was called Lovers. Viator does not indicate the name.

1 | 2018-04-10

I chose this tour because I thought it would be a family fun dinner and tour. We arrived early and put our pizza orders in. I watched the check in lady mark it correctly on her sheet. We got on the boat, and a majority of the people were more concerned with getting drunk. The table behind us constantly dropped F-bombs and made jokes about pot. They even took a face time call, all while the tour guide was trying to speak. He even gave up a few times because no one was paying attention. We heard maybe 1/4 of the tour, and we were sitting at the front right by the tour guide. Another family with a young child could also be heard as my husband passed them, complaining about the same thing. We were the last table to be served and we were left with pizza, that we did not order. We luckily got the cheese pizza for my daughter, but only a meat and fish pizza were left. We declined the fish that we did not order, while the waiter continued to argue with us that we did order two fish pizzas. None of us like fish, and I also saw what was written down when we placed our order. He had a sticky note from the kitchen. Then he took our tent with our table order so we could not see what was written. Then the finale, which was supposed be Ben and Jerry's ice cream, had been switched to brownies. The unlimited alcohol had kicked in and the tables around us could not stop joking about the brownies being pot brownies, where they could go party, and what they were going to do in the Red Light District. This was not family oriented at all, our order was completely wrong, and we got barely a tour because the customers were more interested in getting drunk and having loud banter than paying attention to the cruise. They didn't even listen to the safety briefing. If you're going on a cruise, go for the more expensive dinner. It may not be as fun for kids, but maybe it will weed out the rude people on the boat.

5 | 2018-03-27

Great tour with good food and drinks. Very good with kids! Highly recommend!

Emily W
1 | 2018-03-26

What a disappointment - I've used Viator before but never again! The company on the voucher for this trip was wrong as was the location to meet so we very sadly missed our boat cruise. Absolutely gutted as it was booked to celebrate our anniversary!

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