Montagne arc-en-ciel en une journée au départ de Cuzco
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Montagne arc-en-ciel en une journée au départ de Cuzco
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Montagne arc-en-ciel en une journée au départ de Cuzco

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Arrêt à: Plaza Regocijo (Kusipata), Cusco Pérou

Votre excursion se termine sur cette magnifique place.

Durée: 1 heure

Arrêt à: Montaña de Siete Colores, Cusco 084 Pérou

Passez environ 3 à 4 heures à la Montana de Siete Colores

Durée: 3 heures

Arrêt à: Rainbow Mountain Cusco, Urb. Balconcillo k - 10, Cusco 08004 Pérou

Passez environ 3 à 4 heures à la montagne arc-en-ciel

Durée: 3 heures

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  • Transport
  • Petit-déjeuner et déjeuner
  • Guide professionnel polyglotte (anglais et espagnol)
  • Transfert depuis l'hôtel
  • Kit de premiers secours
  • Oxygène
Non inclus
  • Transfert à l'hôtel
  • Chevaux (mais vous pouvez les louer directement dans la première ville)
  • Pourboires
  • Boissons
  • Billet d'entrée à la montagne arc-en-ciel (10 PEN).
  • Entry/Admission - Montana de Siete Colores
  • Entry/Admission - Rainbow Mountain Cusco
Autres informations
  • Vous recevrez la confirmation lors de la réservation.
  • Non accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite
  • Aucun problème cardiaque ou autre problème médical sérieux
  • L'excursion est déconseillée aux personnes de plus de 55 ans
  • Accompagnement possible par un guide polyglotte
  • Cette excursion comprend une marche à pied éprouvante
  • Opère quelles que soient les conditions météorologiques. Veuillez porter des vêtements appropriés.
  • Une option végétarienne est disponible : veuillez préciser au moment de la réservation si vous souhaitez en bénéficier.
  • Étant donné que cette activité est une excursion en groupe, nous prendrons en charge la première personne à 3:40 et la dernière à 4:20. Veuillez être prêt dans le hall de votre hôtel à 3:40 et notre guide aura le temps de passer vous chercher jusqu'à 4:20.
Biljana S
2 | 2019-01-21

After being picked up from the hotel I was left for 5 minutes ? Which turned out to be 35 minutes. They were waiting for the people already picked up? The organisation was poor I had to walk to the small bus full of people with 3 or more groups! Driver was driving super fast and at times the drive was dangerous! We stopped for breakfast and on our way back for the lunch. My stomach was upset the same evening? The English guide did not stay with the group. Some other people walked back through the Red Valley who did NOT PAY FOR THAT. The guide told me to go to the bus without even telling me that I could walk back through the Red Valley. He just abruptly said I didn't pay for that. There are other tours not charming that much so pick wisely!

5 | 2018-06-07

The Tour price is worth with breakfast and lunch with nice tour guides. I suggest if you feel you are going to struggle, better get a horse from the start which is 70 soles. The trek is easy but the altitude will make you suffer a lot. The drop off is in one place which is ok, a walking distance from may hotel.

4 | 2018-04-05

Our voucher stated we will be picked up at 3:50 am but I received an email the day before our tour stating we would be picked up at 4:50 am instead. The tour company did pick us up and dropped us off at a meeting point, their seemed to be confusion as to how many people were suppose to be on the tour, this delayed our start which was kind of annoying. It is a long drive to Rainbow Mountain 3 hours total from Cuzco, they do provide breakfast and lunch which was pretty good. The hike itself was brutal, if you are not physically in shape I would not recommend it. They do have horses on the mountain that you can take, if you are not able to complete the hike but at a cost. The scenic views on this hike are breathtaking. Be aware the pictures on the internet of Rainbow Mountain are very vibrant once you see it in person it isn't so, it's still worth seeing because it is beautiful. At the end of our tour our voucher stated we would be dropped off at our hotel, this was not the case they stated they would drop us off at the meeting point. They happened to drive by my hotel which at that point I got off. Overall with all the issues I would recommend this tour.

Jaroslaw M
2 | 2017-11-09

Very long , only for fit people . I have seen many people fadeing and being sick , its over 5000 m high . Afte4 the mountain some people are walking to the red valley , we had to wait for them in the bus additional 2h , so please make sure you doing right thing before booking ps very dangerous drive on the clifs on the top of the mountains

4 | 2017-09-22

Challenging, but totally worth the effort. Altitude sickness was significant so be careful and rest when needed. BRING A HAT AND GLOVES! The only problem - the drive there was very scary due to excessive speed on roads with no barrier. Very easy to die. Reduced speed would make it less stressful.

Kristoffer P
3 | 2017-08-15

Just returned from Peru and I finally have the time to write a review with about the tour company and the excursion. They picked me up from my hotel in central Cusco at approximately 4am and it took another 15-30 minutes to pick up the rest of the tourists. From central Cusco to the first stop is about a 2-2.5 hour drive, a nice little place to stretch, use the restroom, and they provide a light breakfast bread, eggs, tea/coffee. Then, continue to Rainbow Mountain which is about 30-45 minutes. Be prepared, the elevation will be more noticeable compared to Cusco and Machu Picchu. It is about a 6km walk from the parking lot to the top of the mountain with the panoramic views. From the parking lot you're pretty much on your own making it to the top, so pace yourself and bring some snacks and water. There are locals with horses who are willing to transport those who don't want to walk. Watch out for the horse droppings and all the dust they kick up I wish there was a separate or designated horse trail, because they get in the way and sometimes yell at you from behind to move aside. I personally had a harder time getting to the top, which is expected because the air is so thin and I was carrying so much gear tip: don't carry too much stuff... walking sticks, a bottle of water, and a snack should suffice, they have locals selling snacks and beverages at the top. It s a good idea to wear layers, because it gets hot during the hike, but it's really cold and windy at the top. They give you about 4-5 hours to make it back to the parking lot. Then go back to the pit stop for half an hour for a light lunch and restroom break. Then the long drive back to Cusco, we got back around 8pm. What I found inconvenient on the ride back was the bus' air conditioning did not work, they do not provide or sell beverages, and they refused to drop us off at out hotel because it is too traffic and difficult to take us back. In terms of the excursion I had a great time, despite the altitude sickness, I enjoyed the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment making it to the top. In terms of the tour company, I feel there could be a lot more to improve: air conditioning on the bus, provide/sell beverages, front door service since that was what was paid for. I would definitely recommend this company for those who just want to get to Rainbow Mountain at a decent price.

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