Kayak nocturne dans la baie bioluminescente au départ de Vieques
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Kayak nocturne dans la baie bioluminescente au départ de Vieques
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Kayak nocturne dans la baie bioluminescente au départ de Vieques

De nuit
A propos de cette activités
Prêt à voir la baie la plus brillante du monde ? Vous arriverez au point de rendez-vous d'Esperanza à 19:00 ou 21:00 en fonction de l'excursion que vous avez choisie. Vous aurez besoin d'un transport à l'intérieur de Vieques, quel que soit l'endroit où vous séjournez. Le groupe se rendra à la baie bioluminescente en minibus et vous recevrez tous les équipements et le kayak.

Un guide vous fera un briefing sur la sécurité et ensuite vous découvrirez la plus belle baie bioluminescente du monde. En anglais ou en espagnol, vous entendrez l'histoire de cette baie et apprendrez pourquoi elle est si illuminée. Enfin vous retournerez au point de rendez-vous d'origine. Notez que vous devrez passer la nuit sur l'île de Vieques. Une fois que vous réservez l'excursion, nous pouvons vous recommander plusieurs endroits en fonction de votre budget. Veuillez noter que cette excursion n'a pas lieu les jours de pleine lune ni le jour précédent et suivant.
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  • Transport par monospace climatisé
  • Visite en petit groupe
  • Accompagnateur/hôte
  • Guide local
  • Toutes taxes et tous droits et frais de dossier
Non inclus
  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
  • Transfert depuis et vers l'hôtel
Autres informations
  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation
  • Les enfants doivent être accompagnés par un adulte.
  • Gratuit pour les enfants de 4 à 5 ans
  • Déconseillé aux enfants de moins de 3 ans
  • Accompagnement possible par un guide polyglotte
  • L'excursion n'a pas lieu les jours autour de la pleine lune (avant et après)
Carol L
1 | 2019-08-22

Completely false advertising! We met the tour guide who never even asked our names or if we had bought tickets then boarded a smashed up van literally held together with wires. The point that we entered the bay is not what I've seen in other photos so I don't believe it's the legal entry into the bay. We waded through mud that smelled like a sewer. It was pitch black so I really couldn't say what it was. We were never given any explanation of what we were doing or if we should follow him out on the water. There was basically no tour at all! After literally 20 MINUTES on the water we headed back! For a "2 hour tour"! When we asked about it we were told "we wouldn't want to be out there that long". That may be true with this "guide". The bio-bay was our main purpose for coming to Vieques and this tour really ruined that experience.

Janet G
5 | 2017-08-12

This is a must-do activity if you are going to Vieques. It is probably overpriced, I guess, but I do not think I could do it without a guide. You paddle a kayak out into the bay at night, so finding your way back would be tricky without a guide. Rebecca and Tom were our guides and they were very professional. We felt safe and well taken care of. The bio bay was very luminescent on the new moon night when we went, so the cost and effort was worth it for us. Also, we over-prepared for mosquitoes that did not bother us at all on the 9pm tour in July. Also, I think I would find a way to take my phone with me in a plastic bag or lifeproof so I could attempt to take a photo. Even if I didn't get a good photo of the sparking, glittery water, I would have liked to have a few family photos in the kayaks or something. Anyway, it was very fun and I would highly recommend doing Night BioBay Kayak Tour if you are on Vieques. :

Sonja C
1 | 2017-08-02

We travelled in Puerto Rico Fajardo and San Juan and Vieques for a week an did lots of activities. Every Puerto Rican we met was kind, helpful and not aggressive. This was the ONLY time we felt hustled. In the middle of the bay, Rebecca, our leader told us that she got a call from her boss and said he was adding a 10:00 tour, so she brought us back approximately 15 minutes early. Several of us asked questions about the time, but she did a good job of blowing them off. On the way back on the bus, she laid it on thick. She talked about how we were all lifelong friends now and how she loved us all and how it's a spiritual experience for her. Not sure how it can be spiritual when she's talking on her phone most of the time. Also not sure how I'm going to be lifelong friends with people I spend an hour in the dark with. They all seemed really nice though because after the trip several stopped us on the street and compared notes with us about the cost and time expectations. They felt hustled too. After her speech that was intended to make us feel warm and fuzzy, she gave us a really long and sappy tip speech. It wasn't a polite tip request, it was a 5 minute speech. Samuel was great and very informative. He did not participate in the hustling in any way. I really tried to focus on the beauty and magic of the bay instead of being disappointed. But, she ruined it. Go the the bay, don't miss it, it's absolutely amazing and worth it. But find another tour company.

5 | 2017-05-04

What an excellent tour! The company reached out and moved the time up due to the full moon effect. Thankfully they did because it was timed in a way that the moon was not out so the bioluminescent organisms were so bright. Once of the most amazing experiences I've ever had! The guide was also amazing! She new a lot of the science and had a very positive energy and enthusiastic personality. Excellent!

5 | 2017-01-05

Awesome trip and Rebecca was very fun, knowledgeable, and very informative.. it's a great experience!!


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