Balade en gondole et sérénade avec dîner à Venise
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Balade en gondole et sérénade avec dîner à Venise

Balade en gondole et sérénade avec dîner à Venise

2 h
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Les billets pour cette visite se vendent très vite ! Les excursions sérénades en gondole sur les canaux de Venise sont régulièrement complètes plusieurs semaines à l'avance. Réservez à l'avance afin d'éviter toute déception.

Installez-vous dans votre siège confortable à bord d'une gondole de six places (11 mètres) et laissez-vous envoûter par le charme et l'élégance de Venise, tout en glissant sur les canaux de la ville ! Souvenir de l'époque où les gondoles étaient régulièrement utilisées par les vénitiens de la classe supérieure pour traverser les canaux, il existe aujourd'hui près de 500 bateaux en bois, contre près de 10 000 il y a deux cents ans.

En partant dans l'après-midi ou le soir, dérivez le long du Grand Canal et admirez les palais et les églises bordant le Grand Canal. Votre gondolier agréé, vêtu d'un pantalon noir et d'un t-shirt rayé, se tiendra debout et maniera en expert la rame le long du cours d'eau très fréquenté, pendant les 35 minutes de trajet. Un musicien et chanteur sera également à bord d'un des bateaux de votre flottille pour accompagner votre voyage romantique de musique et d'une sérénade.

Admirez les autres gondoles richement décorées le long du Grand Canal et imprégnez-vous de l'atmosphère paisible tout en flottant sur des canaux plus étroits mais moins fréquentés. À la fin de la balade en gondole, débarquez à Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, l'une des plus célèbres piazzas (places) de Venise.

De là, vous vous rendrez au restaurant Hostaria Ai Coristi, situé derrière l'église San Fantin à proximité du théâtre La Fenice, pour un repas de deux plats (poisson ou viande au choix), avec un verre de vin maison, de l'eau et du café.

Veuillez noter que vous pouvez combiner l'excursion de 15:30 avec un déjeuner de votre choix (à prendre avant la sérénade en gondole entre midi et 15:00) ou avec un dîner (à prendre entre 19:00 et 21:00).
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  • Balade en gondole partagée avec sérénade (35 minutes)
  • Menu (deux plats au choix) au restaurant Hostaria Ai Coristi
  • Verre de vin maison
  • Demi-bouteille d'eau minérale
  • Café
Non inclus
  • Pourboires (facultatifs)
  • Service de ramassage et dépôt à l'hôtel
Autres informations
  • Vous recevrez la confirmation au moment de la réservation
  • La gondole peut accueillir un maximum de 6 passagers. Veuillez noter qu'il ne s'agit pas d'une balade en gondole privée
  • Votre balade en gondole à Venise prévoit une sortie en bateau avec un musicien et un chanteur pour chacune des huit gondoles de votre flottille
  • Tous les passagers déjeunent ou dînent dans le même restaurant. Si vous avez besoin d'une table privée, veuillez le demander au moment de la réservation
80% Original
60% Culturel
55% Vie nocturne
1 | 2018-10-22

When we arrived at Gondola place to be seated, they put us with two other couples. I told Gondola person, it supposed to be only two of us, not with two other couples, they did not care.Bad experience.

1 | 2018-10-09

Read the fine print on this one. You are better off getting a gondola when you get there. We arrived 20 minutes early as instructed and stood in a very long line of people all booked on the 6:30 gondola ride. We missed the first set of boats and didn't get on until 7:20. By then it was already dark. There were 4 of us and we shared the boat with another couple - so six total. There are not even 6 seats. One couple gets the best seat by the gondolier. My husband and I faced each other with interwoven knees on little stools and we are short. My sister had a stool in front of us and her husband sat on the wood part of the front of the boat. Our gondolier did not serenade us. At the very end of the boat ride somewhere way behind us somebody was singing who we could barely hear. We were so close to the couple next to us they spilled a whole glass of red wine on my husband's white pants. It definitely isn't the romantic gondola ride you envision having in Venice.

Ibis S
1 | 2018-10-08

Do not go on this Gondola Serenade scam!!!! We arrived early were first in line. Many employees looking sick and tired or working smoking, talking and having a good time. People would approach them asking about where to go for the 7:30 pm ride very Rudely pointed to a long line on the side. When we finally were asked for our tickets and pointed to a Gondola. We were boarded like cattle and told to sit. Looked like their were about 6 Gondolas, we were the first out then the others followed. Had 1- singer in on the 4th Gondola singing to just the Gondolas behind us. The tour was roughly 20 minutes they went around in a circle and it was over. I had purchased Gondola and dinner when we arrived I asked what about the dinner was pointed again very rudely to make a right. Fortunately I put the address on my GPS and arrived. The restaurant was the best part. The food was very good and the friendliness of the staff. Would never use this company again but would definitely eat at the restaurant.Stay away!!!!!!!!!

3 | 2018-08-12

I will start by saying that the people in charge of the gondola ride were very nice and helpful in telling us where to go for supper and the supper was fabulous! The gondola ride itself was not what I expected. We were packed in with six of us sharing the ride. The serenade was one of the six or eight boats and we couldn’t hear it for most of the ride. It also lasted shorter than what was stated.

George K
3 | 2018-08-12

I gave this 3 stars only because Viator would not allow you to submit with anything less. I would not recommend this tour. They packed 7 gondolas with 6 people in each one and in only one they had a person serenading. The rest followed and we listened. Also our gondoliers were talking in Italian amongst each other consistently. The dinner later was ok. But the portions were very small and no dessert. Very disappointing for the amount charged. I would have paid less if I did a private gondola ride.

Eric G
5 | 2018-07-11

It was the best way to see Venice. We had the good luck of having the accordion player and singer in our gondola, it was so much fun. They had amazing personalities and really entertained us. We then had a very romantic dinner and the dinner was delicious. It was delicious and was not a limited menu which was also nice. Our only complaint was that we got lost finding the restaurant. In the future, a map provided to the patrons would be nice so people don't get lost finding the restaurant.

1 | 2018-06-16

Not at all what was promised. We arrived at the meeting point and found a line to the Gondolas, looked for our tour contact and was eventually told we could ride the gondola with our printed voucher, so we stood in line, about 20 minutes and were put on a gondola, we were in dress clothes and they filled the gondola to the point we had to sit on the steps. Thankfully we rode the gondola earlier in the day on another Viator tour and thoroughly enjoyed it, because this would have soured us on Venice. We were the lead gondola and somewhere about 6 gondolas back there was music, but we could only hear it when we were on the Grand Canal in a straight line because we were so far ahead of the music we would loose it. This was about a 20 minute gondola ride, exactly what you get for 40 Euros for a family of 4 if you walk up, stand in line and pay the Gondola. After the Gondola ride we asked about dinner and no one seemed to know where to go or anything about it. I called the company on the voucher and the number was disconnected. We never found the restaurant and ended up eating at another wonderful restaurant. Don't waste your money on this tour.

5 | 2018-06-10

The Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade was the highlight of our Venice vacation! The 5 stars are for the Gondola ride with Serenade ONLY...NOT the dinner. When we arrived at the restaurant after the gondola ride, we presented our Viator voucher receipt to the manager/waiter. He was rude, very skeptical and accused us of giving him a Fake receipt. He wanted the voucher which the gondola ride operator had already taken PRIOR the gondola ride. He was extremely unpleasant, making us feel as though we were there for a free meal even though we paid for it several months prior when we booked this event. The waiter claimed I never received an Email from Viator about you/this reservation. After bickering with him, he finally decided to seat us. The food was fair, nothing that we would ever return to with all of the many wonderful restaurants in Venice. While eating, another couple entered the restaurant, and we witnessed the same cold reception and accusation of a Fake receipt, when they also presented their post gondola ride receipt voucher. He gave them such a difficult time, the young girl was almost reduced to tears. We intervened on their behalf and the waiter finally relented and decided to seat them as well. Viator should NOT USE the current restaurant, HOSTARIA AI CORISTI, for dinner with this tour. STOP using a restaurant that appears to be failing based on the lack of patrons inside and outside when most of the other restaurants were filled to capacity, low quality of food, and waiter/manager rude, ungrateful, and almost ruined our wonderful experience. The serenade gondola ride was great, the professional singer and musician we had was the other tour WITHOUT the dinner!! It is less expensive and you will not regret it.

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