3 useful habits to remember when you go running while travelling
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3 useful habits to remember when you go running while travelling
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3 useful habits to remember when you go running while travelling

If you like running but when traveling you have to give up training, these tips are for you. Learn how to continue your training even if you don’t know the city and feel at the same time well and comfortably.

1. Take a little of money or a metro ticket

Whether you are a professional runner or jogging is your hobby, we never know on which kilometre you will be overtired. Therefore, do not put yourself in a stalemate and take care of a possibility to return to the hotel in another way than running. Throw in your pocket some coins or a ticket for local public transport. Besides that, think about to charge your mobile phone, as you can always call the Uber or even pay a metro ticket with.

woman running
Woman running

2. Check out some basic information about the city

Surely, when you were looking for accommodation, you chose a hotel in a prosperous and safe area. However, it would be reasonable to find out if there are any accidents in the district or if all the quarters around are favourable for visiting by foreigners. That will allow you to be confident during your jogging and not to worry that you will roll up in the wrong street. The best thing is to check out whether there is a park or a sports ground nearby and go for a run there.

A couple running in the city
A couple runing in the city

3. Download smart travel running application

Fortunately, there is a solution, if you you don’t want to care about your running itinerary in the city you don’t know. It was created by Runnin'City, an application which will help you to discover over 150 cities around the world while running. In each of the cities featured, choose one of the loops of 5, 10 or 15 kilometres, put your headphones on and let Runnin'City guide you from one Point Of Interest to the next. You can keep your phone in your pocket, focus on your running and enjoy the city! When you pass a Point Of Interest, you get 30 seconds of info in your headphones. You will be also provided with all the essential metrics: distance, duration, speed, elevation, calories burnt. Such a useful solution for those who want to keep on training while traveling, getting a sightseeing tour at the same time!

girl running in Rome
Girl running in Rome
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