5 cities to visit in Hungary

5 cities to visit in Hungary

Hungary has something to attract the most demanding tourists. Its beautiful cities with wonderful architectures, few tourists, and a particularly rich gastronomy constitute the perfect combo for your holidays. And if you like wine, captivating gypsy music, and cultural visit, this country will fit you perfectly! To guide you on your journey across the country, we have concocted a selection of the 5 cities to visit there.


Budapest is without a doubt THE must-see city of Hungary, the biggest of course, but above all the favorite of visitors. The city is actually the result of the merger between the old capital Buda and the cities Pest and Obuda. Its main asset is that it is home to the world's largest collection of underground baths, the most famous of which are Rudas, Gellert, and Szechenyi. Also, immerse yourself in the heart of art, with its fine arts museum, which houses magnificent sculptures and works by international artists. In addition, the city enchants you even at night with all its bars and nightclubs. The locals welcome you with open arms in their fairy night and crowded streets. You can even enjoy the hot springs at late hours, making them even more enchanting. And don't forget to taste the national dish of Hungary, which is the Goulash!

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Located in the South of the country, Pécs is a gorgeous city thanks to its original architecture and mostly thanks to its great cultural wealth. It's a student city with plenty of touristic attractions such as museums, monuments and exhibition galleries. If you like painting, we advise you to visit the Csontvàry museum, where you will find the most beautiful paintings of Hungary. And if you are more 19th-century pottery and porcelain, go visit the Zsolnay Museum. Concerning important monuments, discover the Ottoman mosque church of Pécs, still known as the Notre-Dame-de-la-Chandeleur church. Enjoy watching the walls and breathtaking paintings of this building built between 1543 and 1546. Finally, fall in love with the sumptuous theater of Pécs. It has always hosted several great events such as operas, classical theaters, concerts and many other shows of great importance. Its originality and its royal decorations will leave you speechless! If you also like colorful nightlife and splendid panoramic views, don't hesitate anymore!


If you're not far, have a look! The small town of Eger shelters the ruins of a magnificent castle built in the 16th century, constituting a must of the city. Explore also, while remaining vigilant, the minaret of the city which rises to 40m. At the top, enjoy an incredible panoramic view! The Eger Basilica is another must-see building in the city. You will be dazzled by its classic architecture and mesmerizing paintings. For wine lovers, go to the "valley of the beautiful woman". You will see vineyards and caves where you can sip glasses of red, dry, white wine ... and even ice wines. Because in Eger, we enjoy Turkish baths for relaxation. Finally, if you stay in the evening, join locals at Dobo Square, and enjoy the music and shopping!


Szeged is known for its original houses architecture and its wonderful landscapes and palaces. You will be under the spell of its cathedral, as sumptuous inside as outside. Built from 1913 to 1930, this Romanesque, hybrid and Gothic building is a must in the city! Also, visit the Grof Palator, a fortress built in 1913, which is the most beautiful building in the city. Then, see the Szeged Synagogue which is the 4th largest synagogue of the world. But more than a beautiful city, Szeged is one of the most famous culinary destinations. You will enjoy the Goulash soup, the pick salami spices and a lot of other delicious recipes. Finally, if you love to dive and kayak, Szeged offers you nice surprises with its lot of natural and artificial lakes.


Does this name mean anything to you? Probably because it is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest, and it is out of the ordinary! Debrecen is a beautiful university city very famous for its splendor. Discover the countless galleries of exhibitions and museums, exceptional buildings, and houses as well as breathtaking landscapes. Visit its majestic tower church, so vast it can hold up to 3000 seats, and its clock is the largest in Hungary. Most of the attractions are museums but you can enjoy concerts, operas and some plays in the theater Csokonai. Debrecen is famous for these sausages, so enjoy it in restaurants. Then discover the fabulous artificial lake Tisza: it is of incredible beauty.

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